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I am trying to implement satellite assemblies. My scenario though is slightly different than the ordinary case.

  • I have an executable assembly ( let's call it A.exe) and a .dll assembly (B.dll)

  • A.exe references B.dll and A.csproj is the start up project in my Solution

  • My Strings file is in assembly B (The class library)

  • I created Satelite Assemblies and placed them in the Bin folder of prject B.

  • The issue is that no matter which Culture I provide, it always falls back on the default culture which is embedded in the project.(The Satelite Assemblies are not)

  • When I try to place the Default Strings File and the Satelite Assemblies in the .exe project they work, but as soon as I transfer them to the .dll project they don't

    Does anyone have any solution to my situation. I can't place the strings file in the .exe project (Business requirement)

Thanks very much in advance.

Since I can't answer my own question in a separate reply, here is the solution:

You need to place the Satellite Assembly's .dll files both in the library and the executable assembly's \bin directories.

I started with the project on this site:


and just elaborated it to include a library class. I wish there was a way to post it here...let me know if there is a way to attach projects to posts.

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How about you post what you currently have so we can go from there. –  Ramhound Jul 21 '11 at 16:00
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