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For some reason i can not seek my utf16 file. It produces 'UnicodeException: UTF-16 stream does not start with BOM'. My code:

f =, 'r', 'utf-16')
seek = self.ai_map[self._cbClass.Text]  #seek is valid int
while True:
    ln = f.readline().strip()

I tried random stuff like first reading something from stream, didnt help. I checked offset that is seeked to using hex editor - string starts at character, not null byte (i guess its good sign, right?) So how to seek utf-16 in python?

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Well, the error message is telling you why: it's not reading a byte order mark. The byte order mark is at the beginning of the file. Without having read the byte order mark, the UTF-16 decoder can't know what order the bytes are in. Apparently it does this lazily, the first time you read, instead of when you open the file -- or else it is assuming that the seek() is starting a new UTF-16 stream.

If your file doesn't have a BOM, that's definitely the problem and you should specify the byte order when opening the file (see #2 below). Otherwise, I see two potential solutions:

  1. Read the first two bytes of the file before seeking to get the BOM. You seem to say this didn't work, indicating that perhaps it's expecting a fresh UTF-16 stream, so:

  2. Specify the byte order explicitly by using utf-16-le or utf-16-be as the encoding when you open the file.

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Indeed, thank you! – marrat Jul 21 '11 at 16:53

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