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Let's say I started google chrome. The extension also starts. It uses the XmlHttpRequest object. But after I started browser, I noticed there's no connection to internet. What does XHR return in case of absence of connection?

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XHR's onreadystatechange finally returns status "0" instead of "200", "404" or something else. So you slould check "readyState" property (it equals 4 in the end) and "status" property ("0" if no internet connection).

Btw, there's also navigator.onLine property which can help you to check the internet connection.

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An XMLHttpRequestException exception with code 101 (NETWORK_ERR) is thrown after calling send().

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still cant catch it gist.github.com/1119709 –  Dmitry Sorin Aug 2 '11 at 6:49

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