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I would like to know if Google Docs API or any other spreadsheet (xls) API or any reporting tool works with GAE, Django & application data from BigTable. In other words, I would like to generate spreadsheet with rich formatting - colors, fonts and upto 50 sheets in each file. And send this spreadsheet as E-Mail attachment to user or download using browser.

Thanks a lot, Sandeep

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I've used openpyxl to good effect with Django + AppEngine. Openpyxl can do styles and sheets and formatting and all that stuff, and saves to an .xlsx file. If you need .xls files, then perhaps have a look at something like xlwt.

If your spreadsheets are under 1MB, then they can be saved in/served with the Datastore just fine. Otherwise, you can use the Blobstore, but that would require using the AppEngine API instead of pure Django.

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Thanks for your response. – SandyR Jul 25 '11 at 7:50

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