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I am developing WPF UserControl based on WPF DataGrid, to support dynamic column generation with our own business based context menu.

I've created Dependency Property called DataSource, when i set DataSource calling a custom method to Bind my dataSource to Create columns on the fly and set ItemSource property. All works fine first time. I have a context menu called Refresh, while user clicks Refresh the SQL will execute and the same cyle of above mentioned actions will happen. During second time, the rows and columns are created perfectly. But when i do Horizontal scroll the Column headers are NOT showing properly, Its looses its visual state while scroll.

My Custom Property - DataSource

 public static DependencyProperty DataSourceProperty =
      DependencyProperty.Register("DataSource", typeof(GridDataModel), typeof(MyGridView),
      new PropertyMetadata((dependencyObject, eventArgs) =>
          if (eventArgs.OldValue != null)
          BindToDataSource((MyGridView)dependencyObject, (GridDataModel)eventArgs.NewValue);              

My Custom method which is calling everytime i set DataSource property:

 private static void BindToDataSource(MyGridView view, GridDataModel dataModel)
        if (view.ViewModel != null)
            view.GridView.ItemsSource = null;                
        view.ViewModel = new MyGridViewModel(dataModel);
        view.LayoutRoot.DataContext = view.ViewModel;
        view.GridView.SetBinding(DataGrid.ItemsSourceProperty, new Binding("DisplayRows"));

The Below code i used to call on Refresh Menu Click:

    private void OnRefreshClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        var data = new TestDataAccess();
       DataSource = data.MakeGridModel("select  Top 200 * from ApplicationUSer"); //Assigning DataSource Again, which will call the above method.

The attached image could help understand the issue, after refresh you could see the column alignment goes strange when doing the horizontal scroll. Need a help to fix this strange problem.

Tried using GridColumnWidth =0, and setting again to Auto, Tried GridView.UpdateLayout(), ![enter image description here][1]

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I solved the above problem my self.

Instead of BindingOperations.ClearAllBindings() i used BindingOperations.ClearBinding(view.GridView, DataGrid.ItemSourceProperty) - which cleared out only ItemSource so that i can regain memory by Items.Clear() for every time i bind the data.

Due to ClearAllBindings, its clears headers panel bindings also, so its looses ParentTemplate.Width property, because of that strange problem happend during horizontal scroll.

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