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Intellisense typically pops up when I open the '(' on a function call showing the data types of the parameters matched, allowing you to hit up or down to see all possibilities of overloaded function calls.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to force this to happen if I move cursor focus outside the function call and want to see it again?

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Go to tools->options->keyboard then find Edit.ParameterInfo and assign whatever shortcut you want to it. Default is ctrl+k, p

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Ctrl+K, P is more correct answer since Ctrl+Shift+Space sometimes will do other things besides give you parameter information. –  AaronLS Apr 29 at 18:36
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Ctrl+Shift+Space shows the parameter information..

Obtained from Whats the default intellisense shortcut in vs2008? reposted by Rahul

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Try this shortcuts

crtl + space


crtl + j

See this post as well

Visual Studio keyboard shortcut to display intellisense

Whats the default intellisense shortcut in vs2008?

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