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I am trying to cache big bitmaps for drawing on screen in Android. But now I am facing OutOfMemoryException, say that the bitmap allocation exceeds the VM budget.

I need to minimize the size of the bitmap but I cannot reduce the resolution. For my use case, I need to only save the shape of the bitmap and apply color later when actually drawing, so I am using ALPHA_8 as the bitmap configuration.

I want to know if there is a 1-bit pixel (either completely opaque or completely transparent) configuration in bitmap, or any similar ways to save memory?

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Reducing the color depth from 8 bits to 1 would, of course, help a little. However, it doesn't really solve the problem but just postpones it. It only means that you'll get the OOME later but you'll still get it.

Consider moving your cache from RAM to disk and, optionally, add a smaller RAM-based cache on top of it to improve performance.

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Most situations, your way is the best for solving OOME. But in fact my bitmaps are a cache of a canvas drawn from large number of shapes. I store a cache to improve the responsiveness to my app, so rather than storing to hard disk, I would rather draw them again. I was just wondering if 1-bit is possible as this would allow me to store more cache with the same memory space. –  Maurice Lam Jul 22 '11 at 6:21

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