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I am creating an HTML5 app for the iPad that needs to cache XML file for offline use. In the manifest I list all of my html, js, css, images, and the XML files.

Currently, the method I am using works on Chrome, Desktop Safari, and Firefox (all the desktop browsers I've tried), however the data is not cached properly on the iPad.

When the files in the manifest are cached, all of the XML files are requested from the server, but when I put the iPad offline to test the storage, the html, images, and other files work, but the XML files are not present. There is not enough files that this would be hitting the 5MB limit.

I tried searching the apple developer documents, but couldn't find any information, and other problems that I found people had with the iPad offline caching were related to the size limit, or caching nothing at all. Since all the other files are being cached and displayed fine, and the same setup works on the desktop browsers, this leads me to believe that mobile safari on the iPad just doesn't store XML files (are there other files?)

Is there a limitation on the type of files that the iPad can cache offline?

I hope someone has some information on this issue or another approach that I can take.


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So I am guessing you are using localstorage to store the xml data since you are talking about a 5MB limit? – Caimen Jul 21 '11 at 21:24
The current implementation that works in the desktop browsers uses the Cache Manifest to store the XML files. Putting the xml data into localStorage is my backup plan, but if there is a way to get it to work with manifest, I would prefer that – aji267 Jul 22 '11 at 13:00
Would you mind to share the code how you did xml file with manifest? I am working on the same kind of application. Thanks in advance – Dipu Raj Jul 31 '12 at 12:50

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