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I always was curious how this type of obfuscation can be achieved in JavaScript and how it can be decoded (deobfuscated). Below is an example code:

var _0x4e9d=["\x66\x72\x6F\x6D\x43\x68\x61\x72\x43\x6F\x64\x65","\x77\x72\x69\x74\x65"];document[_0x4e9d[0x1]](String[_0x4e9d[0x0]](0x3c,0x62,0x75,0x74,0x74,0x6f,0x6e,0x20,0x6f,0x6e,0x63,0x6c,0x69,0x63,0x6b,0x3d,0x27,0x6a,0x61,0x76,0x61,0x73,0x63,0x72,0x69,0x70,0x74,0x3a,0x69,0x66,0x20,0x28,0x64,0x6f,0x63,0x75,0x6d,0x65,0x6e,0x74,0x2e,0x67,0x65,0x74,0x45,0x6c,0x65,0x6d,0x65,0x6e,0x74,0x42,0x79,0x49,0x64,0x28,0x22,0x70,0x61,0x73,0x73,0x22,0x29,0x2e,0x76,0x61,0x6c,0x75,0x65,0x3d,0x3d,0x22,0x6a,0x30,0x30,0x77,0x31,0x6e,0x22,0x29,0x7b,0x61,0x6c,0x65,0x72,0x74,0x28,0x22,0x59,0x6f,0x75,0x20,0x57,0x49,0x4e,0x21,0x22,0x29,0x3b,0x77,0x69,0x6e,0x64,0x6f,0x77,0x2e,0x6c,0x6f,0x63,0x61,0x74,0x69,0x6f,0x6e,0x20,0x2b,0x3d,0x20,0x22,0x3f,0x6c,0x76,0x6c,0x5f,0x70,0x61,0x73,0x73,0x77,0x6f,0x72,0x64,0x3d,0x22,0x2b,0x64,0x6f,0x63,0x75,0x6d,0x65,0x6e,0x74,0x2e,0x67,0x65,0x74,0x45,0x6c,0x65,0x6d,0x65,0x6e,0x74,0x42,0x79,0x49,0x64,0x28,0x22,0x70,0x61,0x73,0x73,0x22,0x29,0x2e,0x76,0x61,0x6c,0x75,0x65,0x7d,0x65,0x6c,0x73,0x65,0x20,0x7b,0x61,0x6c,0x65,0x72,0x74,0x28,0x22,0x57,0x52,0x4f,0x4e,0x47,0x21,0x20,0x54,0x72,0x79,0x20,0x61,0x67,0x61,0x69,0x6e,0x21,0x22,0x29,0x7d,0x27,0x3e,0x43,0x68,0x65,0x63,0x6b,0x20,0x50,0x61,0x73,0x73,0x77,0x6f,0x72,0x64,0x3c,0x2f,0x62,0x75,0x74,0x74,0x6f,0x6e,0x3e));

Addendum: Thank you for de-obfuscating it, but I'm only interested in how I can obfuscate my own code like this.

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Be able to read in Hex like Neo? – Paystey Jul 21 '11 at 19:53
Example – Raynos Jul 21 '11 at 19:56
Given that so many have been able to read this "obfuscated" code so easily, what would be the point applying it to your own code? Obviously this obfuscation is too obvious. – NealB Jul 21 '11 at 20:48
well I guess if you can't answer my question you can't tell me there's no point. Unexperienced users obviously can't decode it. Experienced users do not need to steal my code right? And I'm just curious how it functions and want to know how I can apply it to my code. Debugging javascript would give you the decoded javascript, so no matter what kind of obfuscating you use – ToniG Jul 21 '11 at 20:57
@John Smith (optional), that is not totally correct. Some JavaScript processors (like the Closure Compiler in Advanced Mode) will do optimizations and code rewrites as well as global variable renamings. JavaScript compiled by such systems are almost impossible to reverse-engineer, even after passing through a beautifier. – Stephen Chung Jul 22 '11 at 3:53

Note that in JavaScript, someobject["xyz"] is about the same as someobject.xyz.

First statement:

_0x4e9d is an array with two strings:

  • "fromCharCode"
  • "write"

Second statement decodes to document.write(String.fromCharCode(0x3c,0x62,...,0x3e)).

Finally, the string being written is this piece of HTML:

<button onclick='javascript:if (document.getElementById("pass").value=="j00w1n"){alert("You WIN!");window.location += "?lvl_password="+document.getElementById("pass").value}else {alert("WRONG! Try again!")}'>Check Password
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To decode the string, you basically execute the code line by line as if you were a human JavaScript interpreter. That's the only way to decode stuff in general. – Nayuki Jul 21 '11 at 20:01
ok this seems nice and clear explanation. so how can I obfuscate my javascript like this, do I need some software or should I do it all on my own? – ToniG Jul 21 '11 at 20:01
noone seems to tell how to obfuscate my code? – ToniG Jul 21 '11 at 20:44
@John Smith: my answer explains how to obfuscate your code. – Matt Ellen Jul 21 '11 at 21:20
javascriptobfuscator.com that should help – frostymarvelous Jan 19 '13 at 8:54

Each \xnn is a character code as hexadecimal.

So \x63 will give you an 'a'

To do it to your own code you need to have something that will translate each character to it's hex code point:

var aAsHex = '\\x'+'a'.charCodeAt(0).toString(16)

Then copy and paste the output to a file.

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ok, what about this? _0x4e9d – ToniG Jul 21 '11 at 19:54
and how to obfuscate my code like this? – ToniG Jul 21 '11 at 19:56
Multibyte character. – Dejan Marjanovic Jul 21 '11 at 19:56
that's just the name of the variable. it's named like that so you don't know what it's for. – Matt Ellen Jul 21 '11 at 19:56
I believe that there is a much easier way to do that. – ToniG Jul 22 '11 at 7:47

var _0x4e9d = ["\x66\x72\x6F\x6D\x43\x68\x61\x72\x43\x6F\x64\x65", "\x77\x72\x69\x74\x65"];

is ["fromCharCode", "write"]


is document.write(String.fromCharCode

String.fromCharCode(0x3c, 0x62, ...)


  onclick='javascript:if (document.getElementById("pass").value=="j00w1n"){alert("You WIN!");window.location += "?lvl_password="+document.getElementById("pass").value}else {alert("WRONG! Try again!")}'
  Check Password

The JavaScript in the onclick is

if (document.getElementById("pass").value=="j00w1n") {
  alert("You WIN!");
  window.location += "?lvl_password=" + document.getElementById("pass").value
} else {
  alert("WRONG! Try again!")
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what is the way to obfuscate my code like this? – ToniG Jul 21 '11 at 20:15

PHP, assuming $string contains data. So you can obfuscate by running reverse process.

echo preg_replace('~((0|\\\)x([0-9a-f]+))~ei', 'chr(hexdec("\\1"))', $string);

You will get this...

var _�=["fromCharCode","write"];document[_�[]](String[_�[]](<,b,u,t,t,o,n, ,o,n,c,l,i,c,k,=,',j,a,v,a,s,c,r,i,p,t,:,i,f, ,(,d,o,c,u,m,e,n,t,.,g,e,t,E,l,e,m,e,n,t,B,y,I,d,(,",p,a,s,s,",),.,v,a,l,u,e,=,=,",j,0,0,w,1,n,",),{,a,l,e,r,t,(,",Y,o,u, ,W,I,N,!,",),;,w,i,n,d,o,w,.,l,o,c,a,t,i,o,n, ,+,=, ,",?,l,v,l,_,p,a,s,s,w,o,r,d,=,",+,d,o,c,u,m,e,n,t,.,g,e,t,E,l,e,m,e,n,t,B,y,I,d,(,",p,a,s,s,",),.,v,a,l,u,e,},e,l,s,e, ,{,a,l,e,r,t,(,",W,R,O,N,G,!, ,T,r,y, ,a,g,a,i,n,!,",),},',>,C,h,e,c,k, ,P,a,s,s,w,o,r,d,<,/,b,u,t,t,o,n,>));
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yeah, yet dont get how to obfuscate my javascript – ToniG Jul 21 '11 at 20:24
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Actually I have now figured out the real way to obfuscate the javascript like that, without having to make each character separately.


This is the obfuscator.

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Take any code that is obfuscated by this website, and place it in JSbeautifier. Back to normal! (variable names are changed, peh) – TaylorMac Jun 4 '12 at 8:03

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