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I have real difficulty finding commandline tool to convert WADL to java. No matter how much I try to google, follow blogs or java.net doc, there is no real download link. (links are broken or obsolete).

What particular vendor, community group is supplying this tool ? Does free download link exist ?

The generated code should be able to reconstruct POJOs from XML responses and survive inside Tomcat 7. Thank you

Answer: (this works only after June 2011):

  • Take Apache-CXF-2.4.1.zip (not any of the earlier versions)
  • Extract it to root folder
  • Take Apache-CXF-2.4.1.src.zip
  • Search for folder named distribution inside src
  • Extract ditribution folder and merge it with no overwrites to root folder
  • goto bin and spot the wadl2java.bat
  • run wadl2java.bat from command prompt
  • continue with no brainer details
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Do you mean WSDL? Axis has a wsdl2java converter. Axis2 is available here: axis.apache.org/axis2/java/core. The Java SDK also comes with wsgen.exe in $JAVA_HOME/bin –  Jack Edmonds Jul 21 '11 at 20:24
Thank you, I have no problems with WSDL in SOAP camp. WADL is same sort of language for REST camp. Sort of forgotten minority of devs. Looks for me like abandoned and dying. –  user215054 Jul 21 '11 at 20:27

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Apache CXF recently added support for WADL-first development of REST services. For more background information on its wadl2java tool, this blog entry by one of the CXF committers should help.

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Accepted. thank you for pointing to CXF. –  user215054 Jul 22 '11 at 14:10

I had some trouble using the CXF 2.5.4 wadl2java tool. It kept complaining of a missing "resources" element in my WADL file, even though it contained one.

wadl.java.net has a download of wadl2java that worked for me.

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As of Apache CXF version 2.7.11 just download the binary zip / tar.gz, set CXF_HOME env-var to /path/to/apache-cxf-x.y.z and wadl2java is available at $CXF_HOME/bin

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