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we are using CruiseControl.NET for our build process and in ccnet.config, I want to exclude changes to a particular directory and it's children from triggering that project's build, but what I've tried keeps triggering the project's build.

Example repo

  • trunk/
    • foo/
      • index.html
    • ignoreme/
      • index.html
    • bar/
  • branches/
  • tags/

Example ccnet.config

<sourcecontrol type="filtered">
    <sourceControlProvider type="svn">

Committing anything into the ignoreme directory should not trigger this project. What should the pattern be (existing: /ignoreme/**)?

Thank you.

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Have you tried using absolute path instead of relative for the pattern? – Damir Arh Jul 24 '11 at 8:52
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Found the working pattern:

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Not a direct answer, but here's a simple alternative -
Use Interval trigger with global SVN update, and then use FileSystem trigger in other projects, referencing needed folders only.


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