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I was wondering if anyone had any other good tutorials based on both Codeigniter 2 and Kohana 3. I did find this tutorial on easy authentication for codeigniter, but other tutorials are from Codeigniter are version 1.7.2 and I just started learn about version 2.0.2. I haven't found any from Kohana yet. Any comments and help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. Yes, I have googled for tutorials, but I figured I ask here while I was looking.

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These two are good places to start. Sometimes the Kohana website user guide is lacking.

Kohana beginners tutorial -
Kohana 3 unofficial wiki -

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Really the kohana documentation you find in the download of kohana itself is going to be your best resource as far as kohana is concerned. Also there is a kohana IRC channel where you will occasionally find good help.

#kohana @
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Kohana 3 user guide: and tutorials are here:

If you download the Kohana 3 package and run it in your dev server, you can enable "userguide" module in application/bootstrap.php (somewhere around line #100) and have it available locally.

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