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I would like to compile a Fortran 90 (fixed format) library under Windows. However, I cannot understand the error of prepocessor variables.

    Say the sample file is VF_TestPreprocessor.F: 

    program VF_TestPreprocessor

    implicit Integer(A-Z)

    Parameter (TestAlpha=22,TestBeta=TestGamma)

    print *, TestBeta

    end program VF_TestPreprocessor

Under Linux, I can use ifort VF_TestPreprocessor.F -DTestGamma=25 to compile, and run.

However, under windows, I cannot use ifort VF_TestPreprocessor.F /DTestGamma=25 to compile. The error message is error #6592: This symbol must be a defined parameter, an enumerator, or an argument of an inquiry function that evaluates to a compile-time constant. [TestGamma]. Could you help to analyse the error?

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It looks like ifort doesn't run the preprocessor. I have no experience with ifort, but this page (the first hit in Google on ifort preprocessor) says that on Windows the preprocessor is only run on files ending in an extension of .fpp.

So, I guess there are (at least) two solutions:

  • Rename your files to end in .fpp;
  • invoke ifort with the /fpp switch.
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Thanks very much for your suggestions! However, neither of the two solutions works. The error messsage of running "./ifort.exe VF_TestPreprocessor.F /DDEFMAXXCNAME=25 /fpp" is instead "link: unknown option -- s", which suggests the compilation part succeeds. (Another clue is "./ifort.exe VF_TestPreprocessor.F /DDEFMAXXCNAME=25 /fpp /c" succeeds.) Could you help to comment about the new error message? –  Xichen Li Jul 22 '11 at 18:44
The error messsage of "link: unknown option -- s", is actually my another mistake. software.intel.com/en-us/forums/… –  Xichen Li Jul 22 '11 at 18:46

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