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Am a Flex developer for one of my project I was asked to start the research about HTML 5 Canvas.So I have been searching the web for a while like any JS Library , IDE support etc. . my finding was - there is no development environment setup as such like we have for Flex and Flash , and also found few small utility/JS library are available which can be used only for small prototyping. So I decided to start developing my own simple library which supports creating multiple view , add/remove shapes into view and then add the view to the canvas. The View manager will take care of all drawing and navigating between view , view input handling. So far am able to achieve

  1. created a view class
  2. push multiple shapes into the view
  3. push the view itself into the Canvas
  4. Canvas can hold only one or multiple views. View can also hold only one or multiple shapes.

Even Handling (just started with mouse Down)

  1. Listen for mouse down in main HTML file , on mouse down call back function will call my custom Canvas class method CheckForShapeBelowpousePointer; This method will find the shape and call onClick function.

Now I got struck in how to handle events internally rather than calling it separately like Canvas CheckForShapeBelowpousePointer method.I realised this way of handling events is not at all right, since I come from Flex/Flash background now I kind of understood why displayObject extends event. Since this is a small start , can anyone help me in how to scale my code for handling events in better way? Basic doubt is how any UI framework handle mouse events? Especially how the mouse Over implementation looks like , do I have to search for object under mouse pointer on every pixel? I got the drawing portion working smooth but event handling is not up to the standard. Any help is really appreciated.

Here is the implementation

var id = document.getElementById(‘gameDrawingCanvas’);
//Create Canavs
var gameCanvas  = new Canvas(id);
//Create view
var menuview = new view();
//create circle
Var c1 = new Circle(…,…,);
C1.onClick = ListenForCircleClick;
view.addChild(new rectangle(…,…,));

    gameCanvas.addView(gameCanvas );    

Draw loop

function ListenForCircleClick()
<canvas id="gameDrawingCanvas" width="490" height="220"></canvas>

 Following is the class outline and the few important methods method

    Context; //Holds reference of HTML5 canvas tag
    onClick;//Type Function
    Clickable;//Bool true/false
    getRect(){return rectObject(x,y,w,h)};

Circle extends  Shape
    Draw(); //actual drawing calls arc(. , . ,..) go here    

Rectangle extends Shapes
    Draw();//actual drawing calls fillRect(. , . ,..) go here

    children; //type Array holds view

    Canvas; //Holds reference of HTML5 canvas tag
    children; //type Array holds view
     RemoveView(view ID); 

//Even handling
CheckForShapeBelowpousePointer(mouseX,mouseY){……. Shape. onClick()};
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I removed the Flex tag; because it does not appear this question relates to Flex. – JeffryHouser Jul 21 '11 at 22:22
sure sorry for that , may I know did I missed any potential TAG.Since this is more of UI design query. – Anandh Jul 21 '11 at 22:42
I dunno; but feel free to take a look: stackoverflow.com/tags – JeffryHouser Jul 21 '11 at 22:46
I'd recommend taking a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/3474608/…. One of the listed frameworks may offer what you're looking or at least give you guidance when working on your own. – Castrohenge Jul 22 '11 at 13:34
@Castrohenge : That link is really useful Thank you. – Anandh Jul 22 '11 at 15:47

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