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Are these two equivalent?

1) var store = new DocumentStore();


2) var store = new DocumentStore();



        For< IDocumentStore>().AlwaysUnique().Use(store);

Will both of these return singleton instance of documentstore with no duplicate instances?

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You will always get singleton behavior when you provide an instance instead of just a type.

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AlwaysUnique() does the opposite and always creates a unique(new) instance, kind of opposite to singelton. See this stackoverflow post to see how to share singeltons between two interfaces.

Singelton() creates the singelton. It is a Singelton for this container for this interface, in your example IDocumentStore. (edit): it is actually a singelton for transiently created objects for this container. Please google that term together with structure map . Generally these are the objects that are created automatically and injected into classes, but I have not seen an exact definition of this.

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