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We have found an issue in our app where Safari on the Mac randomly recreates a login cookie from a logged off session.

I have a fiddler archive with this behaviour here. Note that some stuff has been removed from this to make it easier to get, but nothing which sets a cookie or anything has been taken out - only repetitions of requests 3-8.

I'll talk you through the running order

  • Request 1: user logs out via call to /logout.aspx - Set-Cookie returned setting cookie expiry date to 1999
  • Requests 2-8: user refreshes login page sending calls to root or /res/en-US/s.js - no cookie is sent to server or received back, and access is denied. I have cut out a lot of requests of this nature from the log as they are boring
  • Request 9: request for /res/en-US/s.js - Hv3 authentication cookie has mysteriously reappeared! Wat. There was NO set-cookie! WTFF!
  • Request 10+ : now the cookie has reappeared, the site logs the user in AGAIN

The cookie, when examined in Safari looks like


One thing to note is that in Safari, the cookie domain is not (which is the cookie domain specified in web.config) - however, given that access is denied in requests 2-8, it looks like the cookie has expired OK. If you look in the list of cookies in the browser during 2-8, the .Hv3 cookie is not there.

Is this our bug or Safari's? What can I do to stop it happening?

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There are known problems with certain browsers cookie handling.

See the following paper: iSEC Cleaning Up After Cookies

Also see this discussion on regarding the case of the reappearing cookie.

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