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I am using Aaron Pfeifer's state_machine gem in my Rails3 app -- it's nifty.

How do get a list of events are legal in the current state? By this, I do not mean which returns all events transitively traceable from the current state -- I want only those that are available in the current state.

I'm pretty sure I'm simply overlooking something obvious.

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Aaron himself answered the question on the PluginAWeek:Core group mailing list:

Hi - You can see the list of helper methods that get generated for each state machine in the docs for the #state_machine macro under the heading "Instance Methods": Here you'll notice a few instance methods which should help you along:

  • state_events - Gets the list of events that can be fired on the current object’s state (uses the unqualified event names)
  • state_transitions - Gets the list of transitions that can be made on the current object’s state
  • state_paths - Gets the list of sequences of transitions that can be run from the current object’s state Hope this helps! Best, Aaron
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