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I have 2 iframe apps I am developing for a client. I have added them to the client's page and also to mine.

The apps show in the sidebar on my page. But they have never shown up on the client page sidebar. The apps cannot be seen on the client's page even if I copy the query string ?sk=app_203422409706573 from my URL into theirs

When I access as admin and go to the apps list for the pages I see a slight difference:

MY PAGE (shows "link to this tab" link)

my page

THEIR PAGE (does not show "link to this tab")

their page

Does anyone know why they aren't showing on the bank page? I'm an admin both places, though I am the only admin on mine and one of three on theirs.

One other note is that I don't yet have the SSL for the canvas page but I am not browsing is secure mode and they apps still don't show up in the sidebar.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Initially clicking "Edit Settings" had resulted in a message that no settings were available.

After the Tab URL and Tab Name values propagated the link offers "Tab: Available (add)"

Once added the "Link to this tab" link is visible.

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