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Hi Guys need some help regarding modules and emptying dynamically created array in another module.

I have 1 perl file, and 2 perl modules ( i have created )


use ABC;
use XYZ;

for(qw/US UK China India France/)
   ABC::fetchData // This will create array varialbes
    // This will use arrays dynamically created from fetchData
    // At this point, when i return I want a new copy of the array used in XYZ.pm's calculateYield function 

This is a an example of ABC.pm

package ABC;

our @mainArray;

sub fetchData
  // connect to database and fill up the @mainArray;
  @mainArray = qw/a b c d e f/;



This is an example of XYZ.pm

package XYZ;

sub calculateYield

  foreach my $eachelement ( @ABC::mainArray)
       push @{$eachelement), "some_data_that_changes_every_time_from India, UK, US, France or China";


Now, the problem lies here, I want to empty out the array "@{$eachelement}" after every call of for(1..5) , because the $eachelement stays the same in every count. Only the value of the data that is pushed into push @{$eachelement) in the XYZ module changes depending on the value ( US, UK, China, India, France).

Question for the group is, is there a way to empty out an array in a module whose name is dynamically created. As for example i want to clear out @{$eachelement} in the XYZ.pm after everytime the for loop is done.

Hope I have put it in a way that can be understood. If anyof you have a better solution or something else I can use,I am willing to do that. Ping me back if the question or any part of the code is not clear.

PS : I am not looking for a small error or typo, this is just a sample code. I just want to know how things can be done.

Thanks for the much anticipated help in advance.

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Please provide code that at least compiles and runs under use strictures;, even if it doesn't do everything you want yet or produces the wrong results. By doing so, you will vastly increase your chances of having your question answered in a meaningful way. – When fixing the various syntax errors, the code still throws Can't use string ("a") as an ARRAY ref…, look into that first. – You should decouple access to member data in other modules as soon as practical, see code examples in stackoverflow.com/questions/3109672/… – daxim Jul 22 '11 at 8:17
did you know the comment indicator in perl is # not //? – Patrick J. S. Jul 22 '11 at 16:40

I looked around and found a solution to this particular problem. I defined a global function

sub clear
       for my $ref (values %MSQL::) 
        @{$ref} = ();

Thanks Guys for the support.

@Patrick , this was not a TYPO error. Like I said I was looking for the logic.

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