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On a Rails 3.1 app, I have a method called user_logged_in? from Devise, which I want to use to render a partial selectively. Here's the code in layouts/application.html.erb:

<% if user_logged_in? %>
<%= render :partial => "home/statusbar" %>
<% end %>

It uses a partial from a different controller. This is the partial:

<div id="status_bar">  
  Signed in as <%= link_to, edit_user_registration_path %>

An error occurs at (undefined method), because current_user is nil. I could move the user_logged_in? check inside the partial, but I think it would be marginally more efficient if it were in the view.

Could you direct me to what the best practices are, or how I can overcome the undefined method error? Is it normal that Rails checks the code of the template even though it's in an if block that fails?

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It looks like user_logged_in? is where something is going wrong.Does it work if you change to this?

<% if current_user.present? %>
  <%= render :partial => "home/statusbar" %>
<% end %>
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Yes, it does. It also works if I use user_signed_in?. Totally wrong method. Sorry and thanks! – joseph Jul 21 '11 at 23:15

I'm familiar with Devise, but not the user_logged_in? method - did you define it yourself? The normal helper used in views is user_signed_in?. Also, try something like the following:

<% puts user_logged_in?.inspect %>
<% puts user_signed_in?.inspect %>

Above the if statement in your view, and check your logs to make sure your call is returning false correctly (user_signed_in? should also be returning false). You should not be getting a nil error in that partial unless it is actually being rendered (meaning the code entered the if statement).

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That code is being run, ruby is duck typed and dynamic, all checks are at runtime. So you need to check your conditional . Try

<% if false %>
  <%= render :partial => "home/statusbar" %>
<% end %>

and see if it stll fails. A bettter solution would be

<% if current_user %>
  <%= render :partial => "home/statusbar" %>
<% end %>

I am unfamiliar with devise but this should work Since current user wil be nil if nobody is logged in

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You're right, I was supposed to use user_signed_in, not user_logged_in! Thanks for the informative answer. – joseph Jul 21 '11 at 23:16

There is an even shorter way to render your partial with a conditional

<%= render(partial: "home/statusbar") if current_user.present? %>
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I found the solution, it appears that


Is not used anymore, and instead you need to use


So with the code you gave this should work:

<% if user_signed_in? %>
  <%= render :partial => "home/statusbar" %>
<% end %>

This code rendered a partial for me.

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