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So I'm using PasteScript's paster, and I'm trying to automate egg creation. My first step is to get a template of a Python egg. I noticed that PasteScript's paster has one built in, so I've been creating my template from the command line:

$paster create -t basic_package

However, this asks me the questions as a series of prompts (Project Name, Author, Version, etc). Is it possible to use a configuration file or a pass the argument directly into the command line when invoking PasteScript?

My goal is to have one command that I can run to generate an egg template.

Thanks for the help!

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I recently discovered this myself. The "paster create" takes a --config command line argument. This can be a file which contains the variable to use.

For example:

I will create a package called bob from config called bobsetup.cfg. The configuration file will contain:

created = 2011-09-07T14:47:27
egg_plugins__eval__ = []
plus = +
egg = bob
dot = .
description = Bob's magic code
license_name =
zip_safe__eval__ = False
keywords = Python
long_description = Bob's super useful code base
author = Fred Sprocket
author_email =
url =
version = 1.0.0

I can then use this as follows:

$ paster create -t basic_package --config=bobsetup.cfg bob

Selected and implied templates:
  PasteScript#basic_package  A basic setuptools-enabled package

  author:            Fred Sprocket
  created:           2011-09-07T14:47:27
  description:       Bob's magic code
  dot:               .
  egg:               bob
  egg_plugins:       []
  keywords:          Python
  long_description:  Bob's super useful code base
  package:           bob
  plus:              +
  project:           bob
  version:           1.0
  zip_safe:          False
Creating template basic_package
Creating directory ./bob
  Recursing into +package+
    Creating ./bob/bob/
    Copying to ./bob/bob/
  Copying setup.cfg to ./bob/setup.cfg
  Copying setup.py_tmpl to ./bob/
Running /Users/omul/.virtualenvs/ egg_info


If I check the bob/ you can see this has set up the variables. cat

from setuptools import setup, find_packages
import sys, os

version = '1.0'

      description="Bob's magic code",
Bob's super useful code base""",
      classifiers=[], # Get strings from
      author='Fred Sprocket',
      packages=find_packages(exclude=['ez_setup', 'examples', 'tests']),
          # -*- Extra requirements: -*-
      # -*- Entry points: -*-
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awesome, thanks! – DrakeAnderson Sep 26 '11 at 23:48

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