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I have a VARCHAR field in mysql with dates separated by commas. Like this:


I need to use a WHERE condition like this:

where `date` > '10/10/2011'

So my question is basically how can i use (maybe) regex to retrieve the first date in my field (I only need the first) and apply the where condition to it?

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What technology are you invoking the MySQL from? –  Paul Sonier Jul 21 '11 at 23:43
You shouldn't be storing a comma separated list in a single cell. I think you should restructure your database and add a table, since you seem to have a many to many relationship here. –  Paulpro Jul 22 '11 at 0:06

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This will get only the first part, before the comma , :

SUBSTRING_INDEX( varcharField, ',' , 1)

You then need to convert it into date format:

STR_TO_DATE( SUBSTRING_INDEX(varcharField, ',', 1), '%m/%d/%Y')
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As you have already been told, storing a comma delimited list is a bad idea. But many times it's not within your job duties or abilities to restructure a table.

I think you should look up doing full-text indexes and matching. This will allow for searching within a field. Sadly only available on MyISAM tables.

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