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I wish to store an action link in the model.
Something like

public MvcHtmlString ActionLink_New
    get { return Html.ActionLink("new", "Edit", "News", new { Area = "Admin" }, null); }

It appears the model needs a webviewpage context.

Failing that, I thought I would store just the route values.

public RouteValueDictionary[] RouteValue_New 
    get { return new RouteValueDictionary[] { Area = "Admin" }; }

@Html.ActionLink("new", "Edit", "News", Model.RouteValue_New, null)

The Area in the property is red. Is either or both scenario achievable. What do i need to add to get this to work, thanks.

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try this

public object RouteValue_New
        get { 
            return new { Area = "Admin" }; 
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This is the correct way. Also, the model should have no connection to the WebPageView. thank you for helping –  Valamas - AUS Jul 23 '11 at 0:11

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