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Example here:

There is a code line in my program:

string name = "somebody"

Is there a tool/method to know the variables and values in a running .NET program? in above example, I expect to see:

name = "somebody"

@all, I know debugger of VS, which does not solve my question, because i can not stop the running application , but I do need to know some variable's values. I know this question is wired, but that's my question. NO stop(because my application is a service), No debug(no chance to debug), is there a way to get a variable value? without modify the source code, the application can log some important variable values if I can modify the source code. obviously, I can't

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I think you are looking for a C# profiler. – John Kalberer Jul 22 '11 at 3:30
Remember that a running program is running. You'll have to stop it before you can look at it. – John Saunders Jul 22 '11 at 3:33
Check my post: TRY: .NET MEMORY PROFILE 4.0 Or maybe even OllyDBG i mean if you think you will get unencrypted variables you are kidding yourself. – scott Sep 2 '11 at 0:55

Yes. Many development environments (IDEs like Visual Studio etc.) can attach to a running process, pause execution and examine the process' memory. If that process includes debug information and the source code is available then it's a simple matter to read the value of a given variable at a point in the program. But it can also be done without debug info and source code.

This ability is actually necessary to debug applications such as web servers. And it can also be misused to glean secret or proprietary information from running applications.

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thanks Paul, I added some comment above. – Cooper.Wu Jul 24 '11 at 0:17

Visual Studio comes with it's own debugger that allows you view all variables and stacks. If you have the source code, you could simple do a breakpoint to that particular line. Unless I don't understand your question.

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thanks Ed, I added some comment above. – Cooper.Wu Jul 24 '11 at 0:18


Or try.. Simple Assembly Explorer (SAE)

Or maybe even OllyDBG i mean if you think you will get unencrypted variables you are kidding yourself.

Other tools that will help you, but not as much in this question as memory profiler is....

GrayWolf IS 100% free Thanks to Jon Mccoy.

GrayWolf – Is a reverse engineering tool (focused on .NET Framework Applications)

Or for a non FREEWARE solution you can try: Reflecter + the reflix addon

And if you really really wanna stick to windows stuff you can use ILDASM from windows, download it as part of the .NET FRAMEWORK SDK. (need SDK not just VS or .NET). download

But is the one you want ;) If you really wanna get creative you could maybe even inject a custom payload into the application check dotnetasploit on digital body guards site.

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