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I don't wan't to use clearfix on all the parents above, because that would mess up my layout.

What is the best way and the correct way to do this?

I added a nbsp; after the last li and everything worked perfectly. No need for clearfix spamming. But is this the "correct" way to do it?

Edit: I've just seen List doesn't contain its floated list items.

So my new question is: what's better, &nbsp or adding overflow: auto?

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You could always just add overflow: auto; to the <ul> –  cspray Jul 22 '11 at 3:37
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Using overflow: auto or overflow: visible is obviously the better way but a concern may be that it may not render correctly in all browsers (*cough* Internet Explorer *cough*) with different rendering engines, etc.

In reality, if using &nbsp; works, then use it.

A good article to read about floats is this one

EDIT: Don't use overflow:visible, that was just silly of me to suggest that.

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You could us display:inline-block; to achieve the same thing.


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