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I am using Urban airship for sending push notification, and i successfully achieved this. Now i am stuck an issue that before registering device token into urban airship i couldn't able to send broadcast, if i am wrong on this then how can i can send notifications into many devices in which my app is installed without registering their device tokens?

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hey You have to register your app as In production, connecting to real push servers. and check out this link it may be helpful to you

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The broadcast should work in development mode as well.

When you login to "go" do you see your "Device Tokens" listed under your app? The other thing that could be a problem is if you have recently switch your app from development to production - if you try and send device tokens to APNS that are not mis-matched (production device tokens sent to sandbox vice-versa) you'll run in to this issue and likely see some sporadic results.

If you are in dev mode, you could simply delete the existing device tokens then get a few re-registered, then retry a broadcast.

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