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My database program is fully functional and when I add new entries to the database they appear on my DataGridView correctly. However after I close the program these changes are not saved. How do I save the changes back to the database? Here's my code:

    Dim conn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(My.Settings.MainDatabaseConnectionString)
    Dim query As String = "INSERT INTO Users VALUES('Something','Test');"
    Dim cmd As New SqlClient.SqlCommand(query, conn)
    Dim reader As SqlClient.SqlDataReader

    'Open Connection
    'Execute Query
    reader = cmd.ExecuteReader
    'Close Connection

    'Update DataGridView
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As you've discovered, you need more the a reader :)

There are many ways to go. This link gives a reasonable example:


The key thing:

To start, the GridView's SqlDataSource must contain an UpdateCommand with appropriate parameters.

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If you want to insert something into the DB you can do this

Dim mySQLCommand As Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
mySQLCommand.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Users VALUES('Something','Test');"

you might also want to parameterize your variables to prevent sql injections

mySQLCommand.Parameters.Add("@variable_name", SqlDBType.NvarChar).value = variable

and using @variable_name in the insert

mySQLCommand.CommandText = INSERT INTO Users VALUES(@variable_name, @variable_name2)
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