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I need to implement inapp purchase for an app and i am doing 1st time inapp purchase. I am not getting which code i need to put to get my work done. I have put code as below. Do i need to add request of product list and response?

- (IBAction)Upgrade:(id)sender {
    /* Store Kit Framework Payment Object with Specified Product Identifier -By Parth */

    SKPayment *payment = [SKPayment paymentWithProductIdentifier:@"com.dev.InAppTry"];
    [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addTransactionObserver:self];
    [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addPayment:payment];


/* Updated Transactions Once Purchase is done. This is where we enable or disable some app */
- (void)paymentQueue:(SKPaymentQueue *)queue updatedTransactions:(NSArray *)transactions {
    for (SKPaymentTransaction *transaction in transactions) {

        NSLog(@"transactions  : %@",transactions);

        switch (transaction.transactionState) {
            case SKPaymentTransactionStatePurchasing:


            case SKPaymentTransactionStatePurchased:
                //[self downloadFromURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www.iphonedevnation.com/tutorials/ForestGreen.mp3"]];
                flgCheck = 1;
                [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] finishTransaction:transaction];
                lblremovead.enabled = YES;
                adSwitch.enabled = YES;
                //[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setValue:@"YES" forKey:@"IN_APP_PURCHASE"];

            case SKPaymentTransactionStateRestored:
                [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] finishTransaction:transaction];


            case SKPaymentTransactionStateFailed:
                if (transaction.error.code != SKErrorPaymentCancelled) {
                    NSLog(@"An error encounterd");

                [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] finishTransaction:transaction];

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Check out this link it may be useful to you stackoverflow.com/questions/6015744/… –  Devang Jul 22 '11 at 4:53

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The following links can provide you with the basic information you need to know about In-App purchasing

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Hope it helps

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