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I have a UIScrollView with several objects in it which, when selected, I'd like them to come to the centre of the view. I am using the following code to do this.

CGRect frameToScrollTo;
frameToScrollTo.origin.x = (centerOfLabel - 150);
frameToScrollTo.origin.y = 0;
frameToScrollTo.size.width = 300;
frameToScrollTo.size.height = 44;

[self.monthsScroller scrollRectToVisible:frameToScrollTo animated:YES];

I have done tests to make sure the CGRect I'm creating is correct, but the UIScrollView always scrolls leaving part of the rectangle off screen. This only happens when I have content insets applied. My content insets change depending on the content so I can't do anything to remove these.

Can anyone please suggest a fix for this?

Thanks in advance. Ricky.

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Sorted it out. I substituted -scrollRectToVisible:animated: with -setContentOffset:animated:.

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