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I have this code right now :

$(document).ready(function() {
var ktitle =        $('.hiddentwo').text();

but the php file doesn't seem to be getting this variable...am I doing something wrong?

I echo something in the php file and I see the text. Also when I echo the $ktitle in the php file I get 'kitle'...that should not be happening :p. This is a stupid question, but I just want to know how to store that variable in the url.

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$('div#tab2').load( 'morefour.php?title=' + encodeURIComponent(ktitle) );
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try using

   $('div#tab2').load("morefour.php", {




In the first case, the data are passed to the script via POST, in the second via GET.

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Because you're hardcoding the ?title to "ktitle". If you want to replace this with a variable, you need to concatenate the variable with 'morefour.php?title=' + ktitle.

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