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Im trying to download a file from a website. But i want to download only if the file version is latest than the same file I have.

The file name is CTP-Latest5.0.37.iso

I need to check the string "37" in the file name.

So if the number 37 is greater than the version Im already having then only I download.

Once I download the file I want to store the string "37" is a file so that I can read it next time when I run the perl code to check for version

Here is my code Im trying with

use LWP::Simple;
 #my $version =37;//this whole line is commented
Open file version.txt and get the version number(say 37)and store it in $version    



Now $simplePage has the substring  "CTP-LATEST-5.3.0.(some_version_number).iso" 

I need to get that "some_version_number". HOW ?

if(some_version_numner > $version)


#-- fetch the zip and save it as perlhowto.zip
my $status = getstore("http://www.google.com/isos/psfsS5.3/LATIMGODCVP/CVP-LATEST-5.3.0."$version".iso", "CTP-Latest5.3.0.$version.iso");

if ( is_success($status) )
 print "file downloaded correctly\n";

 Store the "some_version_number in file version.txt (for next time use)

 print "error downloading file: $status\n";


I hope everything is clear in code. The version.txt has only 1 string stored that is any number (say 37 or 45 or 89 etc )

Can someone help me on how to do the rest of the code ?

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hey Igor , In the website there are other files wil .iso extension , But I need the only file "CTP-LATEST-5.3.0. " –  mac Jul 22 '11 at 6:52
mac, I edited the answer accordingly. I suggest you to read the material on the links, and write the exact logic that you'd need. –  Igor Oks Jul 22 '11 at 6:54

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Regex should do the work.

If some_version_number is only digits, you can do:

if ($simplePage =~ /CTP-LATEST-5\.3\.0\.\((\d*)\)\.iso/)
    $some_version_number = $1;

If not only digits, but there are no other parentheses in simplePage, you can do:

if ($simplePage =~ /CTP-LATEST-5\.3\.0\.\((.*)\)\.iso/)
    $some_version_number = $1;
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This is not working for me, I tried priting $some_version_number and its not printing anything. –  mac Jul 22 '11 at 7:13
This is not working for me, I tried priting $some_version_number and its not printing anything. I want it to print some_version_number in 5.3.0."some_version-number'.iso. –  mac Jul 22 '11 at 7:25
The code in this answer has a syntax error. if() requires a block. Perl ain't C :-) –  tadmc Jul 22 '11 at 12:27
@tadmc - yep, thanks –  Igor Oks Jul 22 '11 at 13:47

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