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I've got a custom window popping up when an NSStatusItem is clicked. The code is based on MAAtachedwindow. Everything is working great but I can't figure out a way to dismiss the window when the user clicks on something else like another status bar item, or another app.

Here's my code for creating the window:

    statusItem = [[[NSStatusBar systemStatusBar] statusItemWithLength:width] retain];

    //setup custom status menu view
    CGFloat height = [[NSStatusBar systemStatusBar] thickness];
    NSRect viewFrame = NSMakeRect(0.0f, 0.0f, width, height);
    statusMenuView = [[[_ISStatusMenuView alloc] initWithFrame:viewFrame] retain];
    statusMenuView.offset = aOffset;
    statusItem.view = statusMenuView;

    //setup the window to show when clicked
    NSRect contentRect = NSZeroRect;
    contentRect.size = aView.frame.size;
    statusMenuWindow = [[[NSWindow alloc] initWithContentRect:contentRect
                                       defer:NO] retain];

    [statusMenuWindow setLevel:NSPopUpMenuWindowLevel];
    [statusMenuWindow setBackgroundColor:[NSColor clearColor]];
    [statusMenuWindow setMovableByWindowBackground:NO];
    [statusMenuWindow setExcludedFromWindowsMenu:YES];
    [statusMenuWindow setOpaque:NO];
    [statusMenuWindow setHasShadow:NO];
    [statusMenuWindow useOptimizedDrawing:YES];
    [[statusMenuWindow contentView] addSubview:aView];
    [statusMenuWindow setDelegate:self];

    statusMenuView.statusMenuWindow = statusMenuWindow;

And here is how I'm showing the window:

- (void)centerView{
    NSRect menuFrame = self.window.frame;
    NSRect windowFrame = self.statusMenuWindow.frame;
    NSPoint menuPoint = NSMakePoint(NSMidX(menuFrame), NSMinY(menuFrame));
    menuPoint.x -= windowFrame.size.width*0.5f;
    menuPoint.y -= windowFrame.size.height+self.offset;
    [self.statusMenuWindow setFrameOrigin:menuPoint];
    [self.statusMenuWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:self];

I was hoping the windowDidResignKey delegate method would do the trick but it doesn't go off with this configuration. The delegate is working because windowDidMove does run.

- (void)windowDidResignKey:(NSNotification *)notification{
    [statusMenuView hideView];

- (void)windowDidResignMain:(NSNotification *)notification{

- (void)windowDidMove:(NSNotification *)notification{

So to recap, how can I hide my custom window when the user clicks on anything else, the way the standard status bar menus work?

Edit After looking at the Popup example the only thing I was missing was I had to subclass NSPanel and make it so it could become the key window.

@interface Panel : NSPanel

@implementation Panel

- (BOOL)canBecomeKeyWindow{
    return YES;

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You need to make sure your window can become the key window, and call your window's orderOut: method when it resigns key. You should be using a custom NSWindowController, if you are not already, in which case you would just call its "close" method to dismiss your window.

Instead of posting a bunch of code, I would suggest you just look at this excellent, recently-posted example of attaching a window to a status item: Shpakovski Popup Window Example

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That popover project is perfect, thanks! –  keegan3d Jul 22 '11 at 17:39
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