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I need to delete the margins between my lines and plot gap. the problem that I need to resolve I decided to use the startOnTick and endOnTick property but in this case line's points in the gap are not seen or seen only part of them.what I found - another problem

Please, help if you know how, of course)))

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You can set maxPadding and minPadding within chart options provided to the constructor.

Or you can use setExtremes(min, max) after instantiate the chart for dynamic values.

var myChart = new Highchart.chart(options),
extremes = myChart.xAxis[0].getExtremes(),
minPadding = 20,
maxPadding = 20;
myChart.xAxis[0].setExtremes(extremes.dataMin - minPadding, extremes.dataMax + maxPadding);
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