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I am developing a medical products search site. I need to display my site in search engines whenever a user try to search [COMPANY NAME] medicine [DISEASE]. For this, i created a page in my site which reads COMPANY NAME and DISEASE from url and lists all products.

Now i need to give this page a url like www.sitename.com/[COMPANY NAME]_medicine_[DISEASE].html
I am using Cakephp framework for development. Is there anyway to implement this url formatting in routes.php ? Or is there any other way ? please help.

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how about separating them with slashes?

// www.sitename.com/[COMPANY NAME]/medicine/[DISEASE]

Router::connect('/:company/medicine/:disease', array('controller' => 'diseases', 'action' => 'index'),

and the controller

function diseases($company,$disease){


I'm not sure if you can use the underscore instead of the slashes, I have never tried it before. if you do try I'd like to know the results =)

Good Luck

EDITED: ok, i was too curious about this issue and i wrote a route like this

Router::connect('/:company_medicine_:disease', array('controller' => 'pages', 'action' => 'test'),

and its not working u_U

as i suspected, the problem is that Cake thinks that the name of the custom route element is :company_medicine and not :company.. after a few minutes regarding/reading the code of Cake i found out the exact place where Cake parses the route and extracts the names of the passed elements. It's in /cake/libs/router.php in the class CakeRoute, method _writeRoute() (about line 1369):

preg_match_all('#:([A-Za-z0-9_-]+[A-Z0-9a-z])#', $parsed, $namedElements);

so as you can see in the regexp, the names of the elements can contain an underscore,therefore Cake thinks the name of the parameter is ":company_medicine". So you have four solutions:

  • use slashes as separators for your urls
  • change the order of your parameter so it would be medicine_[COMPANY]_[DISEASE]
  • modify the line 1369 of the router.php to this (NOT RECOMENDED, i think it will break routes for plugins):

    preg_match_all('#:([A-Za-z0-9]+)#', $parsed, $namedElements);

  • use url rewrite in your .htaccess to redirect all [COMPANY]_medicine_[DISEASE] to [COMPANY]/medicine/[DISEASE] so cake will see it separated by slashes and the browser will see it separated bu underscores. (I haven't tested it, i've never added another rule to the .htaccess for Cake =P)

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