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So say you had a JTabbedPane. And on each of those tabs, you have a JPanel with a JLabel, and a JButton. How can you modify that JLabel's text after it's already been added to the pane?

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You can use jLabelN.setText("New Text"); as usual. It does not matter where the label is added to. You just need your variable jLabelN to be accessible.

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Ah. I had a method that did all of the managing of setting up the tab,so every label had the same name, but i got it worked out just like you said, rather simple. Thank you. – nyx Jul 22 '11 at 7:13
@nyx: Please consider accepting this answer; see the faq for details. – trashgod Jul 22 '11 at 7:18

You can easily write getters and setters for your GUI components like a (just some snippets)

public class A extends JPanel{

    JLabel aLabel=new JLabel();//field

    public A(){ 


//GUI init here...

    public void setLabelText(String text)

    public String getLabelText(){return this.aLabel.getText(); }

Lets call it now as...

public class B extends JFrame
A a=new A(); //
A a1=new A();

JTabbedPane tp=new JTabbedPane();

public B()

a.setLabelText("Hello World!");
a1.setLabelText("Hello World Again!");

tb.add("tab 0", a);
tb.add("tab 1", a1);
//    ...

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
  /*a button clicked...
    Lets get the tab label text value */

  JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(this,"tab 0 label text is: "+this.a.getLabelText());
  this.a.setLabelText("Have a good Java Coding");


Using getters and setters it is a standard way of objects data interaction

Good luck

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