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I need some clarification of add_subplot: in example below, i have 2 subplots, twinned on the y axis. I want to manipulate each axis, but don't get it!

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
fig = plt.figure()
axes1 = fig.add_subplot(111)
axes2 = axes1.twiny()    # share the y-axis
axes1.plot( somedata[:,2], somedata[:,1], label='axis1' )
axes2.plot( somedata[:,3], somedata[:,1], label='axis2' )

I tried to set the limits on each x axis: axes1.set_data_interval(0, 300), which fails.

Labels in the legend only appear for the second axis, axes2. Again, I don't understand how this worked, or how to change it. I guess the latest command (axes2.plt()) leaves that axis as the active one for the plot. How would I manipulate this explicitly?

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1) To set the limits of each x axis, axes1.set_xlim(0,300) and axes2.set_xlim(0, 300) do work for me.

The method set_data_interval is a method of the 'axis' (the real axis of the plot), while set_xlim is a method of the 'axes' object (the area your plot appears in, with the axis, lines, text, etc). And axes1 and axes2 are 'axes' (returned by the add_subplot method).

2) To get the labels of both axes in the legend, have a look at the solution given by this question: Secondary axis with twinx(): how to add to legend?

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Thanks, the docs can sometimes be less than clear. –  a different ben Jul 25 '11 at 12:29
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