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bool xHasReached(double tX, double dstX, bool incX) {
return incX ? tX > (dstX - (double)EPSILON) : tX < (dstX + (double)EPSILON);}

So I am getting C2143 (missing token) and C2059 (syntax error) errors. I've tried without the semi colon but is still reports the same errors.

I've tracked the bug down to EPSILON #define.

First post, so gonna hit submit.

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Welcome to Stack Overflow! A couple of things that would help us answer the question: Show the full message of C2143 and C2059, so that we won't have to look it up elsewhere. Also please show the EPSILON #define. To add these things to the question, use the edit link under the tags. –  Anders Abel Jul 22 '11 at 8:52

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I'll bet you have #define EPSILON 0.0001 ;.

That should have been const double EPSILON = 0.00001;. Macro's are harder to debug, they tend to cause errors when used rather then when defined.

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