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I have a web page with a bunch of tables decorated with the datatable jquery plugin. When the page is loaded, they're hidden. Then I have a function that toggles them based on the index:

function expand_job(i) {

But it didn't work. Browser complains that show() is not a function. As a work around, I'm doing something like this:

function expand_job(i) {
    $(".dataTables_wrapper").each( function(idx) {
        if ( i == idx ) {

That works fine but it's..... I just can't let this go.

So why did the first piece of code not work? Is it because [i] takes an jquery object into and normal JS object and as a result lost the jquery functionality?


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Use .eq():


jQuery arrays contain the underlying DOM elements at each index, so when you access them the DOM functions are available but not the jQuery methods.

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returns a std java script object, not a jQuery object so you could:


or use nth child or similar

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