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Fellas! I'm creating my first independent project in Rails 3. This is mostly for practice. I've run in a problem.

The site gonna be about tarot predictions. In a form I ask for the deck and spread formation. In the controller I grab this and put in some variables. Than I have to list it out on the view.

The problem is: I have (for ex) 10 cards for 10 positions. I want to list one card description with one position description. In my solution I build an array for the position descriptions and put the cards in a for cycle. Than I shift out the positions from the array with every step of the for. In code:

<%  for cardnum in @cardnums
@cp = @card_positions.shift
@card = Card.find_by_id(cardnum)
Writing out the data
<% end %>

However I think there are far more nice and clever solutions.

Is that possible to do the for cycle on two variables? Or any other nice solution?

Yours, Kael

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I do not exactly understand what you are trying to do, but

cycle on two variables

If you mean to iterate on two arrays at once, Array#zip can be helpful. You can do:

 a = [1,2,3]         # use card_position array
 b = %w{a b c}       # use cards array
 c = a.zip(b)        #=> [[1, "a"], [2, "b"], [3, "c"]]

 # you can do
 c.each do |cp, card|
   # do something with card_position(cp) and card
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This array#zip looks nice! Is there any other ideas to solve a problem like this? (Rubish understood well my problem!) –  Kael Jul 22 '11 at 10:45
one more side question! I cant figure out why do you use %w on the second line. What is that for? –  Kael Jul 22 '11 at 13:47
that is just a short hand for writing string arrays without quotes. –  rubish Jul 22 '11 at 21:40

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