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I have the below line in my code.

My expctation is SkipWhile() will block nulls and will pass only valid values to ForEach(). But nulls are also getting passed to ForEach(). What could be failing in this code?

logChildFolder.SkipWhile(path1 => string.IsNullOrEmpty(path1))
            .ForEach(path2 => copyLogFiles(args.SetupInfo.SetupDataFolder, path2));
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As @Guffa said below, ToList() wastes memory and processing time unnecessary, as it creates an in-memory copy of all the results. –  Groo Jul 22 '11 at 10:22
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Use Where method, i.e.:

logChildFolder.Where(path1 => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(path1))

Suppose in your code values in logChildFolder are: null, a, b, null. logChildFolder.SkipWhile(path1 => string.IsNullOrEmpty(path1)) will return a, b, null.

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The SkipWhile method will only skip the first items as long as there are nulls, as soon as there is a non-null value it will just let the rest of the items through. Use the Where method to filter the items.

Also, you are mixing functional style with non-functional style. Just use a foreach loop to loop the items. That will save you from creating an intermittent list also:

foreach (string path in logChildFolder.Where(p => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(p))) {
  copyLogFiles(args.SetupInfo.SetupDataFolder, path);
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