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I have a Map<String, String> that I'd like to display to a user but I don't want them to be able to select the field to modify it's value. I've been using a form with textfields and setting setting a property to disable them. This is not ideal as their aesthetics change. Am I doing it the correct way and simply need to apply some css or is their a better way of doing this?

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You could make a form 'label' which is un-modifiable but looks like the rest of the form. Might need a few tweaks but this should get you started:

Ext.form.LabelField = function(config){, config);

Ext.extend(Ext.form.LabelField, Ext.form.Field,  {
    isField: true,
    value: '',
    renderSelectors: {fieldEl: '.x-form-labelfield'},
    renderTpl: [
        '<tpl if="label">',
            '<div class="x-form-label"><span>{label}</span></div>',
        '<div class="x-form-label x-form-labelfield" style="width:70%; text-align:right"><span>{value}</span></div>',
   setValue:function(val) {
      this.value = val;
         this.fieldEl.update('<span>' + val + '</span>');
    return this;


Ext.reg('labelfield', Ext.form.LabelField);
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I have had the same need and wanted the field to function similar to the ExtJS displayfield. I have done this in Sencha Touch by creating the field, disabling it, then adding back the normal field class. The editor is removed using the disable : true, but the field isn't grayed out and still is easy to read.

    xtype: 'textfield',
    disabled: true,
    disabledCls: 'x-field',
    label: 'Label',
    name: 'name'

This could become a simple override if I had enough of these fields and took the time to override the other field types I needed.

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