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i have a js object a which contains several other objects within it (say b, c, ..., z). suppose before serializing it through json2, i delete objects b and c from my objects using delete. checking in firebug reveals that the objects b and c and the indexes b and c was removed. however, checking the serialized json string shows nulls where the deleted objects were. i used the following code to generate the json string.

var json_data = JSON.stringify(template, null, 2);

am i missing something in the function call? or is there a bug when used with FF?

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Maybe I didn't understand your question right, but I couldn't reproduce the problem in either chrome or firefox (4)

var obj = {p1: 'test1', p2: 'test2'};
delete obj.p1;

Object { p1="test1", p2="test2"}

Object { p2="test2"}


Do you have an exemple of your problem ?

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