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I've been working with WCF routing and implemented a custom message filter,

    public override bool Match(Message message)
        MessageBuffer buffer = message.CreateBufferedCopy(Int32.MaxValue);

        var msg = buffer.CreateMessage();

        XmlDictionaryReader reader = msg.GetReaderAtBodyContents();

        string paramsXml = reader.ReadOuterXml();


        return serviceType.Equals(service);

I'm getting the following exception "This message cannot support the operation because it has been copied." eventhough I'm creating a buffered copy. Can anyone help me on this?

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You need to set routeOnHeadersOnly = false in the routing behavior

Then you implement the operations that take message buffers

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Great! That solved the problem. –  Mark Jul 22 '11 at 13:01

This is apparently the problem with VS debugger. does not happen with soap ui or other clients. hope this will be useful for somebody struggling with same issue.

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