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Does anyone know what the jQuery effect on this page is called? http://crushlovely.com/

As you scroll down the page, a different left menu item selects based on your scroll location.

I need to know what the effect is called or how to re-create it?

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I do not know the answer but the appropriate code is at assets3.crushlovely.com/assets/a4/9653bac60/crushlovely.js. –  pimvdb Jul 22 '11 at 11:44

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I believe your looking for a tutorial along the lines of this


I would call it a 'fixed menu/nav', or sometimes people call it a 'sticky menu/nav'. Its done pretty easily by using the position:fixed CSS and working on from there.

Hope that helps

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perfect, thank you! –  Zach Nicodemous Jul 22 '11 at 12:05

You can do something like this:

get the position of the scrollbar and if that distance is bigger then the div top distance you add the class activated

like back to top buttons, something like that:

$(window).scroll(function () {
  if ($(window).scrollTop() > element1_top_distance) {
  } else if ($(window).scrollTop() > element2_top_distance) {
  } else if ($(window).scrollTop() > element3_top_distance) {
  } else if ($(window).scrollTop() > element4_top_distance) {

with that you can create that layout pretty easy, just remember to correct this code for javascript or jQuery and you'l be fine

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