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javascript compare strings without being case sensitive.

I am having two fields. I need to check whether both the fields contain the same value. If the same value then a alert is raised.

I am using validation engine jQuery.

I have a written a function like:

function kkkk(field, rules,i,options){
    var password=field.val();
    var username = getValueUsingElementID('username');
        return options.allrules.NotEqual.alertText;


sss2@ and sss2@ // shows error message
sss2@ and SSS2@ // no error message is shown

Please can anyone help. Both the values are user input.

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Use the toLowerCase() function. That will convert your strings to all lower case characters, and the comparison will then return true whether or not there were differences in case originally:

if(password.toLowerCase() == username.toLowerCase()) {
   //Do stuff
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Convert both in lover case by and than compare

if(password.toLowerCase() == username.toLowerCase())
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