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As you all know using java it is possible to create methods which require one or more objects extended from another class; to do this you have to write:

public void method(Class<? extends class_name> Object_name)

I was wondering whether there is a corresponding statement in C#. Does anybody know?

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Well, that's accepting a type rather than an object, but you can do something slightly similar with generic methods in C#:

public void Foo<T>() where T : MyClass

Then you can use typeof(T) within the method.

If you need to specify an actual object compatible with type T, you can have that as a normal method parameter of type T.

If you need more, please update your question with more specific requirements.

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you can make your method signature Generic and use a constraint


public static ObjectB GetObjectBFromInterface<T>(T item) where T : IObject
    //Do some stuff

see here for more information on Generic Type Constraints

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You can write a generic method and use a type parameter constraint:

public void Method<T>(T obj) where T : YourBaseClass
    // ...
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I haven't coded in Java in years, so I'm not familiar with the <? extends construct, however, I think you are asking how to pass in an interface or abstract class to a method.

You could use generics, but I think you would be better off just using the base class

public void Method(BaseClass baseClassParamName) 
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