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I've written a simple GUI using python 3.2.1 and Tk/Tix. One of the widgets is a FileEntry. When the user selects the button to open a file selection dialogue - launched from the FileEntry widget - the dialogue opens at a very tiny size and must be resized up manually to be used.

I'm having a hard time sorting through manuals trying to find how to insure that the dialogue comes up with a reasonable initial size. Looking at the options list I don't see anything. Looking at the FileEntry.dict in python I don't see any obvious dialogue object to apply a geometry() call.

Would someone with more experience in Tk/Tix please advise me? (Yes, I have to use Tk - I need to stay in standard python.)


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Why don't you show the code you used to call the dialog? –  JBernardo Jul 24 '11 at 5:07
@JBernardo: The problem is that I'm not calling the dialog explicitly. I'm using a FileEntry widget which has the dialog call embedded inside it. I'm not seeing parameters on the FileEntry which would allow me to manipulate how the dialog is opened. –  drone115b Jul 26 '11 at 13:45

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