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Am I right to consider ENV a Hash





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It implements most of the Hash methods but apparently a few are missing:

[:default, :default=, :default_proc, :default_proc=, :merge!, :merge, :flatten, :compare_by_identity, :compare_by_identity?]

Most of these you'd never think to use, but merge and flatten could be useful.

Remember that ENV isn't exactly a Hash, but a wrapper around the environment variables and the associated methods for retrieving and setting them.

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CRuby sources tell you in hash.c

envtbl = rb_obj_alloc(rb_cObject);
rb_extend_object(envtbl, rb_mEnumerable);
 * ENV is a Hash-like accessor for environment variables.
 * See ENV (the class) for more details.
rb_define_global_const("ENV", envtbl);

So although it is a plain object, envtbl can be treated like a Hash, although some methods are missing as stated by tadman.

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thanks for point out the source code of CRuby, but BTW what's CRuby exactly? I can't get decent result after googling. –  mko Aug 16 '11 at 16:49
Oh, it's the "main" Ruby version, sometimes also called MRI, the one you can download at ruby-lang.org. –  emboss Aug 16 '11 at 16:57

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