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i have a 4D image data. 384-by-276-by-20-by-5. where data(X,Y,T,V), X=xlocation, Y=ylocation, T= time, V=vessel location.

I would like to have a mean value over time and maximum value over time for the data to get the pattern of my signal thus set the value of my threshold value. I do it in loop so I could get say for example data(1,1,:,1), a mean value for that point over time.

i tried mean(data(X,Y,:,V)) and mean(squeeze(data(X,Y,:,V))) but it is giving me error of "Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals."

I search everywhere but the example of mean value are only for 2D and 1D. I reckon, if I want to get a mean/max value of the data over time, the data is to be data(X,Y,:,V) which is now a 3D data.

Any help or idea about that? I really appreciate the help that will be provided... Thank you so much!!

best, mizzue

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You can specify the dimension over which to take the mean by passing it as a second parameter to the MEAN function. Then you can remove singleton dimensions using the SQUEEZE function to get a 3-D matrix:

meanData = squeeze(mean(data,3));

The same procedure can be followed for finding the maximum using the MAX function, although you will have to add an empty parameter [] before you specify the dimension to operate over:

maxData = squeeze(max(data,[],3));
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thank you @gnovice. I just realize my problem.. i fix it by giving a preallocating and define the mean result to be in a matrix function.. –  mizzue Jul 22 '11 at 14:18

To analyze your problem, start from the error message: "Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals." Do you understand what it means? If not, does it contain words you are not sure what they mean? Can you read up about them in the documentation? Can you google the whole error message?

The reason behind this is that you need to understand how MATLAB accesses elements of your 384-by-276-by-20-by-5 array; your problem has nothing to do with taking means or maxima, therefore searching for those terms didn't help.

When you type


then X,Y,T,V need to be integers (or vectors of integers), i.e. X must be in the range 1:384 and so on. For example,


will give you the temporal mean for the first X,Y and V points.

That said, you were saying you use a loop... have a look at what




do... this should completely replace your loop if I understood your problem correctly.

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Thank you. I definitely understand what it means here. The data I have are all positive values, therefore, I dont quite understand why the error is like that. Yes, I want a temporal value of the data. apparently i dont have problem of value being replaced since i put them in an icremental loop 1:X,1:y,1:T,1:V and assign the result in a matrix value. I try to run the algotihm again with gnovice and @Jacob code and giving a preallocating and it is currently working fine. thanks! –  mizzue Jul 22 '11 at 14:41
If you get this error message, it means you are not feeding integers. Could it be that X, Y or V can have a value like 1.2 or something? –  Jonas Heidelberg Jul 22 '11 at 14:51

mean(data,3) and max(data,[],3)

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