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I am facing an issue

I open Activity A there is some settings --> Go to Activity B ---> 
Go to Activity A ---> Change some settings in activity A ---> Go to Acivity C

In this case If I go back from Activity C I am getting latest setting If I go back I am again I am getting Activity B and again if I go back I am getting Activity A. But in this activity A I am getting the old settings.

How to get latest settings in Activity A here also. Is there any way if i make any change in any activity then if any instances of that activity is open those will get the latest data.


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Use SharedPreferences to save any kind of data you may need after going back to an activity. Just load the data in activity's onResume() - this is the best way to not lose useful data. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, It worked for me –  user831722 Jul 22 '11 at 14:05
@Deepakkk, you're welcome! –  Egor Jul 22 '11 at 14:06
startActivity(new Intent(this,activityB);

go to activityB

startActivity(new Intent(this,activityA);//recall activityA

go to activityA

startActivity(new Intent(this,activityC);

to pass data you can use

Bundle b=new Bundle();

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use recreate () in activity A before starting other activity

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